Chicks on Speed current exhibitions, performances and radio shows

“Vaccinate me Baby” Release party 09/09/2021

Release Party 09.09.21- at Bar 439, Vereinsstr. 38, 20357 Hamburg, from 19:00 – open end. Regulations are 2G, which means, bring along your vaccination/genesen qr code and passport. In Hamburg facemask ia also still required, fill in Lukas app.

Chicks on Speed and collaborators perform “Vaccinate me Baby” live via a real-time telematic audiovisual improv performance  @ Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, TV Studios 8pm-9pm CET, 19th October 2021, as part of the DIKU Norwegian Artistic Research Week:

Techno Worlds

Curated by Justin Hoffman, Mathilde Weh and Creamcake
AQB, Helyszín: Art Quarter Budapest
28.08.2021 – 08.03.2022

LOOK: Revelations in Art and Fashion 

Curated by Friederike Fast
Marta Herford Museum
04.09.2021 – 06.03.2022

A Shaded View on Fashion Film 13

Curated selection “Fashion Moves” by Alex Murray-Leslie